Clean Records. Clear Music. Fat Wallet.

The Revinylizer is a handheld record cleaning machine that attaches to your wet-dry vacuum cleaner.
No more drying your records on the dish rack - get a professional clean in seconds and save your money for more records!

Professional Record Cleaning at an Affordable Price

Let's do the math: $650 VPI record cleaner? Why not a $59 Revinylizer and a $29 wet-dry vacuum? With the Revinylizer, you'll have an awesome record cleaning system and save $562 for more records.

Dry Your Records - Fast

After your favorite wet cleaning method, use the Revinylizer with your wet-dry vacuum to suck the water and dust from deep in the grooves. The Revinylizer will quickly silence those annoying pops and clicks in the music and allow you to enjoy your favorite songs free of distractions.

Efficient Design Saves You Money

The Revinylizer is made of strong polycarbonate plastic, with a soft felt platter and velvet cleaning strips. When attached to a standard 1.25" vacuum hose, it can clean your 7", 10", and 12" records with just a few easy turns. With its simple design and durable construction, the Revinylizer is a quality record cleaner at a no-nonsense price.

We are so close to launching!

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